Pemberville Free Fair Cordially Invites You to the Annual ARBA Sanctioned Open Show

August 18, 2018
Pemberville Free Fair
405 East Front Street
Pemberville Ohio 43450

ARBA Rules Enforced

Carrier Show Only
$3.00 Pre-entry mail-in deadline - postmarked by August 8, 2018
$4.00 per rabbit - show day
Entries taken from 7 am - 8:30 am
Judging starts at 9:00 am

Judge: Tracie Mills *** We reserve the right to substitute or add judges


American Sable
Champagne D’Argent
Crème D’Argent
Dwarf Hotot
Jersey Wooly
Mini Lop

Mini Rex
Mini Satin
Netherland Dwarf
New Zealand
Silver Marten

David Hardy, Show Superintendent

Shannon Wright, Show Secretary
P O Box 115
Dunbridge OH 43414


95th ARBA Convention and Show in West Springfield, MA October 27-31, 2018

If you are interested in ARBA
or an ARBA membership, contact:
American Rabbit Breeders Association Inc
P O Box 5667
Bloomington IL 61702
Membership Dues

Level 1 year/3years
Single Adult $20/$50
Two Adult $30/$75
Single Adult Family $25/$30
Two Adult Family $35/85
Single Youth $12/30
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