Chairman: Randy Jennings 419-601-1970

1. Does and wethers are eligible. Does may have horns, wethers need to be dehorned.
2. Any child within 30 mile radius of Pemberville between the ages of 5-18 years as of January 1, 2017 is eligible to show.
3. All children are allowed to show and sell two goats.
4. All goats must weigh 50# or more to be eligible to sell. Champions and wethers must be sold in the sale. Does may be taken home or sold.

Schedule of Fair Events ~ Meat Goats

Wednesday, 9 am - Market Goats in Place
9-10 am - Market Goat Weigh-In

Thursday, 3 pm - Market Goat Show Judging

Friday, 6 pm - Market Goat Sale

Thank You 2016 Market Goat Buyers!

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