Danielle Black

Danielle Black

The fall of 2023 will mark the start of Dani’s Senior year at Eastwood High School. She is the daughter of Sam, Jodi, and Linda Black. Dani maintains a high grade point average in the midst of her extracurricular activities. She is a member of the Eastwood Softball Team and played with them in Florida during Spring Break. Fortunate to be chosen to attend Buckeye Girls State is also something that she can be proud of. 4-H also keeps her very busy. In addition to these activities, she also finds time to keep the concessions available to the ball fans at the American Legion ball field in Pemberville. When her time at Eastwood comes to a close she plans on attending Bowling Green State University to study Early Childhood Education.


Grace KingeryGrace Kingery

Grace is the daughter of Jill Contris-Kingery and Chad Kingery. She is a 2023 graduate of Eastwood High School. Grace’s high school career at Eastwood kept her very busy with her many interests. She was seen playing soccer, softball, and basketball. Her other interests included, FFA, OSA, Student Council, the musical and the Equestrian Team. Outside of Eastwood Grace is a self employed Beginning Riding Instructor. In the fall she will attend Wilmington College pursuing a degree in Animal Science with a goal of Veterinary Medicine. In addition to her academics she will be a member of the Equestrian Team and also play collegiate soccer. Grace’s future is certainly bright!


Jasper PriceJasper Price

Jasper is member of the recently graduated Eastwood Class of 2023. He is the son of Jim and Julie Price. Swimming has been a part of his life for many years. He has been a member of the Eastwood Swim team and has coached swimming as well. For twelve years he swam competitively! Some may recognize Jasper as he was the Junior Fair King in 2013. This fall he will begin his college career at Shawnee State University where he will study game programming. An organized young man with a goal is bound for great things.

Pemberville Free Fair Royalty Contest Rules 

1. Contestant MUST be an incoming freshman or older and a resident in the Eastwood School District.
2. Males and females may participate.
3. Deadline to show intent to participate will be May 15th prior to the fair.
4. Tickets being dispensed will be counted and signed for at the time they are dispersed.
5. Tickets will be dispersed to only the contestant or a parent/guardian.
6. Ticket count attendance is mandatory! Ticket counts are held monthly.
7. All tickets sold MUST be turned in at each ticket count. Unsold tickets must also be brought to ticket count for verification purposes.
8. Each contestant is financially responsible for every ticket dispersed. Lost or unaccounted for tickets will be charged to the contestant.
9. The final ticket count will be held on the Monday evening prior to the start of the fair.
10. Commission will be paid as determined by the Pemberville Fair Board.
11. Commission checks will be presented at the recognition ceremony on Wednesday of the fair.
12. DRESS CODE: As a royalty contestant, you are representing yourself and the Pemberville Free Fair. A modest appearance is required when selling tickets and attending the fair. If you need clarification, please see Kara or Kate.
13. Each contestant will be required to sell tickets for a period of one hour during the fair. Times will be scheduled at the final ticket count.
14. Participation in the Saturday parade is MANDATORY and there will be ZERO TOLERANCE FOR CELL PHONE USAGE DURING THE PARADE.
15. The winner is required to pull the winning 50/50 raffle ticket on Saturday evening at 11:00 p.m.