Morgan Keiser

Morgan is a recent graduate of Eastwood High School as well as The Penta Career Center. The youngest daughter of Greg and Karen Keiser, Morgan has already made her mark in the Industrial Trades as a female welder. She will continue her secondary education in South Carolina where she will attend Arclabs Welding School. Morgan's hobbies include, welding, hunting and fishing. Late night food runs with her sister Emily and friends, is something she also enjoys! Giving back to The Pemberville Fair is something she has been committed to for many years. You may recognize her as a yearly volunteer at the Swine Scramble among other events. She has also graced the stage to assist with the Royalty Coronation for many years! Our community and The Pemberville Free Fair appreciates her and wishes her good luck!


LibertyLiberty Miller

Liberty graduated in June from Eastwood High School. Her parents are Shandi Fisher, and Alfred Hattery. Eastwood will always hold special memories for Liberty. While attending, she enjoyed being a member of the choir and performing in the annual musical each year. Liberty's dream is to perform on Broadway! Other interests include, drawing, ceramics, church, friends, family and pets. Being employed at a tree farm also keeps her busy and allows her to save for college. Liberty has also had the pleasure of traveling to many states and is proud to have seven amazing siblings! Her plan is to first attend college for academics followed by a school that will help her achieve her dream of Broadway! Good luck Liberty! Our Community appreciate your contribution to this years fair.


CarysCarys Ruck

Carys lives in Pemberville with her parents Doug and Lisa Ruck as well as her two older brothers. This August will mark the beginning of Carys’ Senior year at Eastwood High School. Her career at Eastwood is marked thus far with her involvement in many organizations. She enjoys and devotes time to Cross Country, Track, Marching band, the Jazz and Pep Band, Choir, Encore, Tri-M and NHS. Recently Carys was awarded the rank of Eagle by Scout Troop 9344! An adventure taken with the scouts has been a lifetime highlight for Carys. A high adventure trip backpacking with the scouts in the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho! Following graduation from Eastwood in 2025, Carys plans on pursuing a career in Physical Therapy. The community and The Pemberville Fair wish you happiness in your upcoming Senior year at Eastwood, and good luck beyond graduation!

Lauren FroboseLauren

Lauren resides in Pemberville with her parents Dana and Jake, brother Nathan, and sister Addie. Lauren will begin her Junior year at Eastwood High School in August 2024. Being an avid baton twirler since a young age, she has perfected her talent and skills as a twirler. So much so that she held the role of Majorette as a Sophomore in the Eastwood Marching Band and will continue that role as a Junior! When she is not working at Frobose Market IGA or babysitting, she is watching her siblings at their sporting events. A goal is in place following the end of her days at Eastwood.
She plans on attending B.G.S.U. to obtain a degree in teaching. Lauren’s future is bright. On behalf of the Pemberville Free Fair and the community, we wish Lauren good luck!

Pemberville Free Fair Royalty Contest Rules 

1. Contestant MUST be an incoming freshman or older and a resident in the Eastwood School District.
2. Males and females may participate.
3. Deadline to show intent to participate will be May 15th prior to the fair.
4. Tickets being dispensed will be counted and signed for at the time they are dispersed.
5. Tickets will be dispersed to only the contestant or a parent/guardian.
6. Ticket count attendance is mandatory! Ticket counts are held monthly.
7. All tickets sold MUST be turned in at each ticket count. Unsold tickets must also be brought to ticket count for verification purposes.
8. Each contestant is financially responsible for every ticket dispersed. Lost or unaccounted for tickets will be charged to the contestant.
9. The final ticket count will be held on the Monday evening prior to the start of the fair.
10. Commission will be paid as determined by the Pemberville Fair Board.
11. Commission checks will be presented at the recognition ceremony on Wednesday of the fair.
12. DRESS CODE: As a royalty contestant, you are representing yourself and the Pemberville Free Fair. A modest appearance is required when selling tickets and attending the fair. If you need clarification, please see Kara or Kate.
13. Each contestant will be required to sell tickets for a period of one hour during the fair. Times will be scheduled at the final ticket count.
14. Participation in the Saturday parade is MANDATORY and there will be ZERO TOLERANCE FOR CELL PHONE USAGE DURING THE PARADE.
15. The winner is required to pull the winning 50/50 raffle ticket on Saturday evening at 11:00 p.m.