Bolt Madelyn

Madelyn May Bolt
Zach & Raquel Bolt
3rd Grade

Headley Ethan

Ethan Headley
Matt & Sara Headley
3rd Grade

McBride Logan

Logan McBride
Ethan & Lindsey McBride
4th Grade

McBride Trenton

Trenton McBride
Ethan & Lindsey McBride
2nd Grade

Moorman Mary

Mary Rose Moorman
Drew & Jennifer Moorman
3rd Grade

Morris Chloe

Chloe Morris
Christina Morris & Mark Lewandowski
4th Grade

Musteric Lucy

Lucy Musteric
Matt & Cindy Musteric
4th Grade

Myers Melody

Melody Myers
Brian & Leslie Myers
2nd Grade

Perry Ryleigh

Ryleigh Perry
Paul & Erin Perry
3rd Grade

Richards Ava 

Ava Richards
Bobby & Alexis Briggs
4th Grade


Richards Gavin

Gavin Richards
Levi & Kayla Richards
2nd Grade

Robinson Eddie

Eddie Robinson
Rebecca McMillan
3rd Grade

Saam Rilynn

Rilynn Saam
Kristopher Saam & Alicia Saam
4th Grade

Sharp Madelynne

Madelynne May Sharp
Dr Jonathon & Joy Sharp
4th Grade

Strayer Levi

Levi Strayer
John Strayer & Emily Skibicki 2nd Grade


Taylor Camryn

Camryn Taylor
Jeff & Shanna Taylor
3rd Grade

VanderWaarden Delilah

Delilah Vanderwaarden
Ben & Carla Meyer
4th Grade

VanderWaarden Liam

Liam VanderWaarden
Ben & Carla Meyer
2nd Grade

VanVorhis Kaleb

Kaleb VanVorhis
Greg & Jennifer VanVorhis
4th Grade


Junior Royalty Contest Rules

  • Students entering the 2nd, 3rd or 4th grade in the upcoming school year may be a candidate.
  • Each child will be assigned a number at the time they register and this is how they will be identified throughout the contest. Names of children are never used until the winner is announced. 
  • Each contestant is required to complete both a questionnaire and an art project that are based on the theme of the fair. During the fair the projects will be displayed throughout downtown Pemberville.




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