got milkGot Milk? - A Kids Cow Milking Contest
Thursday, August, 16,  Main Stage - 4:45 pm
Registration: 4 - 4:30 p.m.

Kelli Bohland - Chairperson 419-308-3513

“Wilma” and “Mabel” are life sized wooden cows with rubber teats for milking.

You will have 30 seconds‟ to milk as much as you can from your cow!
Each contestant within his/her age category will be judged on amount milked by weight!

Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 milkers in each age category!

There will be three awards given for the best dressed farmer that comes to milk a cow! Wear your farmer gear!got milk2

There will be extra trivia and drawings for prizes throughout this event! Waiver forms must be signed by guardian prior to event and may be obtained here. First 20 kids to sign up in each age group will get to milk a cow. Come take your chance at milking “Wilma” and “Mabel”! 

Age Categories:
3-4 year olds
5-6 year olds
7-8 year olds
9-10 year olds
(Age is based on age on day of the event)

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