Pemberville Village Officials
Village Office: 419-287-3832

Mayor Gordon Bowman
Council President Susan Rah
Council Member Eric Campbell
Council Member James R. Opelt
Council Member William Long
Council Member Jesicca Sautter
Council Member Christina Yaniga
Fiscal Officer Sarah Dyer
Deputy Fiscal Officer Cindy Winfrey
Bd of Public Affairs President Charles Schulte
Bd of Public Affairs Member Dean Krukemyer
Bd of Public Affairs Member Tom Oberhouse
Utility Clerk Gretchen Densic
Police Chief Jim Darling
Electric John Lockard
Water Nathan Schulte
Sewer Landry Sheets
Street Jeff Bourdo
Street Matt Lenke

MEETINGS: First and third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m.
BPA MEETINGS: Monday before council at 7 p.m.


Township Officials
Township Office: 419-287-4626

Trustee - Chairman Kent Schuerman
Trustee - Vice Chairman Rick Rahe
Trustee Dave Bruning
Fiscal Officer Ronald Golightley
Road Dept./Cemetery Sexton Lonnie Karns
Zoning Inspector Dan Kemner
Fire Chief Duane Martin
First Assistant Jeff Jackson
Second Assistant Andy Sergent

Meetings: Second & Fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m.

We salute these individuals for their dedication and commitment to the Village of Pemberville & Freedom Township!!

All updates available on the town website:



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